Our Values

The Sunshine Heights Primary School Community works collaboratively to provide and maintain a safe, warm and friendly environment. As a school community we draw upon the knowledge experience and expertise of our community members to enhance and enrich our school.


Students learn to become responsible and resilient citizens by responding to challenges within a supportive climate in a technology rich world.


The Values underpin all our decisions and behaviours to ensure we will develop students that become citizens that lead and contribute to a productive and rewarding life in an educated, just and open society include:


Care and Compassion

  • Care for self and others
  • Consider the feelings and needs of others in all situations
  • Act in a kind, helpful and generous manner towards others
  • Respect our environment and creatures in it.


Doing Your Best

  • Always try your hardest
  • When you play and work aim to do your best
  • It’s okay to make mistakes so that we learn from them!


Honesty and Trustworthiness

  • Be honest, sincere and seek the truth



  • Treat others with consideration and regard, respect another person’s point of view.
  • Have respect for yourself and pride in who you are.



  • Be accountable for one’s own actions, resolve differences in constructive, non-violent and peaceful ways.
  • Contribute to society and to civic life, take care of the environment
  • Be organised with your time and belongings
  • Demonstrate self control in your thoughts, feelings and actions


Understanding and Inclusion

  • Accept others and their cultures
  • Work and play co-operatively with others
  • Help to make our environment safe and happy
  • Help others to join in activities and games



  • Keep trying especially when things get hard
  • Be positive in everything you do
  • When things happen that you don’t like express your feelings in an appropriate way
  • Learn to let things go and move on