Transition Program

Kinder to Prep TRANSITION

At Sunshine Heights Primary School we aim to make the transition from pre-school to Preps a smooth, happy and successful experience for each child.


Our transition program includes ongoing communication and visits with our local kindergartens.


We encourage and welcome visits from potential students and families with a familiarisation tour of our school being on offer at anytime.


In term 4 prospective students and their guardians are invited to take part in a Prep Orientation Program over a three week period. Students attend our school one morning each week participating in learning activities in a prep classroom enabling them to become familiar with the surroundings and school routines. During this time parents have the opportunity to attend information sessions about our school and how to best assist their child in the transition to school life.


All parents receive detailed information packages and the students are given a welcome show bag.


At the beginning of the school year our prep children are well supported by a grade 5 buddy system that continues for two years providing security and a bonding relationship with an older student at the school.


For more information regarding our Prep transition program please click on the link below.





Our goal at Sunshine Heights Primary School is to provide a smooth and efficient transition from Primary to Secondary school with support provided for those who require it.


Our transition teacher receives and distributes information sent to us from local Secondary Colleges and keeps the students and parents informed about the information evenings.


During terms 1 and 2 our students participate in the transition programs of two local secondary schools.