Enrolment Procedure

It is recommended that parents read the “Primary School Privacy Notice” prior to completing the enrolment form. A copy can be obtained via this web page or at the General Office.


Parents must supply the school with the following documentation.


Enrolment Privacy Notice

  • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate or Passport).
  • If born overseas: Date of arrival and copy of Visa, etc.
  • Immunization Certificate
  • VSN: Victorian Student Number
  • Copy of any Custody Restrictions
  • Contact numbers in case of emergency other than parents
  • Does the child have any Disabilities / Medical problems / Asthma, etc.?
  • Asthma Management Plan
  • Is your child entitled to Integration Funding?
  • Name of previous school / kindergarten (for Preps only)
  • Signatures x 2 on enrolment form


                                       i.            Excursion/Incursion

                                       ii.            Head Lice Permission

                                      iii.            Media Consent

                                      iv.            Certification that information given is correct.


Other school forms required to be read and signed at the school.


  • Allergies/Reactions/Religious Restrictions
  • Asthma Management Plan
  • Internet ‘Code of Conduct’
  • PMP Program for Preps only



2018 Student Enrolment Form


2018 Check List for Documents Required - When Enrolling


Enrolment Policy