Supporting Students Social and Emotional Development

 The foundation of the positive school culture developed at Sunshine Heights Primary School is underlined by the active participation of all members of the school community in which they feel valued, safe and secure; are provided with meaningful opportunities to contribute to the school; and have every opportunity to meet their personal and educational potential. A key component to a school’s approach to prevention is ongoing personal and social learning throughout the whole school.


At Sunshine Heights Primary School we have employed a School Based Student Engagement and Wellbeing Leading Teacher to work with staff and parents to support the social and emotional developments of every student.


A School Based Student Engagement and Wellbeing Leading Teacher, monitors and supports students at risk. This coordinator provides a forum where parents and teachers can feel free to present student referrals and seek assistance. District support staff and external agencies can be accessed through contacting the Student Welfare Coordinator.


A positive school culture at Sunshine Heights Primary School is also based on student engagement being the basis for learning.


Ways in which we support students Social and Emotional Development include:

  • Promoting a high quality teaching and learning program
  • Building School-wide Positive Behaviour Support
  • Encouraging student attendance which is a key to engagement and maximises every student’s ability to learn and teacher’s ability to teach effectively.
  • Providing an effective Transition program. This includes:
  1. Kindergarten to Prep
  2. Year 6 to 7
  3. New students to the school

At Sunshine Heights Primary School we are also committed to providing a positive culture where bullying is not accepted, and in so doing, all will have the right of respect from others, the right to learn, and a right to feel safe and secure in their school environment. This is outlined in more detail in our Anti Bullying Policy.


Please refer to the policy section located under parents to access our Student Wellbeing & Inclusion Policy.


Student Code of Conduct:


A Student Code of Conduct has been developed and will be sent home with all students at the start of the school year. At Sunshine Heights Primary School we believe that all people have the right to be safe, respected and cared for. Everyone has a responsibility to care for one another and the environment.