This year, your children from Foundation to Grade 4 are a part of a great experience at Sunshine Heights P.S. – Spanish!


Señorita Irene, from Córdoba (Spain) is the Spanish teacher who will be delivering the lessons of one hour per week. The initial focus is on listening to the sounds of Spanish through language-rich activities, such as: Spanish games and videos, imaginative activities, music, movement, repetition and familiar routines. The writing skills will be developed by exploration of simple words and texts, such us labelling pictures or copying words to create simple sentences in use. Children will have a lot of fun during the years experimenting with a new language and culture, as also will the parents and teachers.


Also, we are very lucky we just started a partnership with a Spanish Primary School from Valverde del Camino, province of Huelva, Spain, called “Menéndez y Pelayo”, which will be our own Sister School and we will be sharing students activities and language experiences on our common blog: Check it out!

Sister School


The sorts of general activities students will be doing are (all grades):

  • Speaking and listening; asking and answering questions.

  • Giving hand gestures; indicating, pointing, touching. Using sometimes AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) to support the learning and memorising of the Spanish language.

  • Writing and filling in their Spanish notebooks.

  • Participating in a variety of games aimed at encouraging the students to talk among themselves, have a go, and help them remember.

  • Drama related activities including role-playing.

  • Listening and singing Spanish songs.

  • Craft activities; including drawing, cutting out pictures and being creative…

  • Using Spanish apps on iPads and watching Spanish videos.

  • And above all, having fun learning Spanish with a positive Growth Mindset.

Hasta pronto familias!